For this narrative animation I had quite a few ideas in mind about mixing traditional and stop motion together, however I didn't have a story. Then thinking about the story I had a few things in mind but something I've always been intregued about is fairy tales. Not the fairy tales that Disney have portrayed but the original fairy tales which were somewhat gruesome however they still had the original meaning in tact.

Below is a link to the original fairy tales and also where I've got most of my research from:
Original Fairy Tales
more original fairy tales

For the people who probably won't read all of the link here's a recap:

Beauty and the Beast; There was a rich father with 3 sons and 3 daughters. The other 2 daughters are jealous of Beauty and are very selfish because when the father goes away they ask for expensive things while Beauty only asks for a rose. The father goes to pick the rose and comes across the Beast and the Beast says either he has to stay with him or one of his daughters, he goes home to decide and Beauty begs him to take his place. While she is with the Beast he asks her to marry him every night and she says no everytime. He allows her to go home but only stay for a week at a time, however the 2 jealous daughters try to keep her past her stay in hope that the Beast will come after her in kill, instead he's heart broken and comes to Beauty in a dream. After the dream Beauty realises she's in love with the Beast and runs to be with him, kisses him and breaks the curse.

Mostly the Beast isn't described but some say he was snakelike and also was turned into a Beast for being a paedophile.
Morals: Moral of the story "The morals of the original Beauty and the Beast: From a child’s perspective, sex may seem scary – or beastly". (quote from link above)

Sleeping Beauty: An evil fairy curses the Princess, she pricks her finger and falls into an endless sleep. The Prince comes along and falls in love with her, however instead of waking her up with a kiss he rapes her and her has twins, while still sleeping. While breast feeding one of the babies accidently sucks her finger thinking its her nipples and sucks the piece of wood that she pricked her finger on causing her to wake up.

Morals: "The morals of the original Sleeping Beauty: Progress and advancement does not have to be seen in order to happen. Trying to prevent a child’s sexual awakening is impossible. Sometimes you have to wait a long time for sexual satisfaction. Children are not just parasitic – they can also help the parents."

Cinderella: The story line has stayed the same except for some gruesome bits near the end. While in the fairy tales we know the step sisters tried forcing the slipper onto their feet but the feet were too big, in the original the step sisters go to more extreme measures. The step sisters resort to cutting off their toes and heels to make their feet fit. Also at the end of the story the evil step mother and step sisters have their eyes plucked out and eaten by birds.

Morals: "The morals of the original Cinderella: Don’t focus on physical aspects. Focus instead on spiritual quality."

Snow White: Snow white basically begins with her mother looking down at the snow and wanting a child as white as snow with lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony. She finally gets her wish and Snow White is born only to have the mother be jealous of her beauty. She then plots to get rid of Snow White leaving her stranded in a forest and sending a hunter out to kill her. The hunter doesn't want to kill her but doesnt help her either, however her mother wants proof of her death so he brings back the heart, liver and lungs. The mother then salts them and cooks them on the lines of "you are what you eat", therefore taking Snow White's life and beauty. The mother then visits Snow White 3 times while she is at the dwarves house. The 1st she pretends to be selling corset laces and then tightens them up so tight Snow White falls unconsious but the dwarves come home and free her. The 2nd time she's selling combs and combs her hair, however it has poison in which also knocks her out. The 3rd time is the famous poison apple, she then falls to a deathlike sleep. She is then put into a clear coffin and while in that coffin the Prince comes along and sees her and tries to move the coffin and as he does he coffin is nudged and the piece of apple in her throat gets dislodged. Snow White then wakes up and marrys the the prince. The Mother is killed "Her macabre punishment is with a pair of metal shoes, heated in a furnace until red-hot. The shoes are put on the queen’s feet. The queen “dances” in these fiery shoes until she falls down dead."

Morals: "As we learn from the Queen’s speech of “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all,” narcissism is a bad thing. The child will always eclipse the parent, and this process cannot and should not be stopped. The religious iconography of the poisoned apple is hard to ignore, leading us to ponder the inevitability of forbidden knowledge and intellectual and spiritual growth. Reaching physical adulthood does not mean you’re emotionally ready for it."